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nihilo_drabbles's Journal

Nihilo Nihil's Drabble Community
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Mod Note:
Information for Nihilo Nihil RP can be found at nihilo_ooc. This here's the Nihilo Nihil drabble community, where we write drabbles based on Nihilo Nihil's Organization XIII and Xigbar and Larxene go stone-face when the servants decide to have noisy sex. Again.
Drabble Comm Rules:

1. All drabbles/writings are to be related to Organization XIII and/or Nihilo Nihil. Dur.

2. Even though we're technically a drabble comm, your drabbles don't have to be exactly 100 words. They can range from down to one sentence to up around 1000 words. However, please keep in mind that with the longer drabbles, a cut would really be appreciated.

3. Mark the dirty drabbles with an lj-cut and a warning please. |D
Drabble Challenge Rules:

1. Twice a week, every Sunday and Wednesday to be exact, a new drabble challenge will be issued. Writers will have three days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) to respond to the challenge.

2. The drabble must be about the challenge word, in some way. If the challenge is cheese and you wrote about toast (with no cheese even!), that's a no go.

3. Writers may write multiple drabbles for multiple characters for one challenge. IE, if you're really inspired by a challenge, feel free to write as many drabbles for the challenge as you'd like.

4. Currently, drabble challenges are simply for fun. Later on, we may begin issuing challenges as part of a contest of sorts.
Drabble Comm Links:

Current Drabble Challenge
Past Drabble Challenges